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StorageCraft OneXafe Solo
Plug-and-Protect Backup Appliance
Direct-to-Cloud Data Protection

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StorageCraft OneXafe Solo

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StorageCraft OneXafe Solo
StorageCraft OneXafe Solo 300
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Overview: OneXafe Solo:

Anywhere, Anytime Management.

For small businesses with simpler environments, StorageCraft OneXafe Solo features a plug-and-play, compact appliance that’s extremely easy to deploy and manage all within a few simple steps: plug it in, connect to internet, and start protecting in minutes. By streaming data directly to the cloud, OneXafe Solo significantly reduces infrastructure requirements onsite while disaster-proofing the data at the same time. OneXafe Solo leverages the same powerful, enterprise-class data protection technology that drives StorageCraft ShadowXafe. OneXafe Solo delivers powerful recovery, simple management, and total business continuity.

OneXafe Solo Backup Appliance for Total Business Continuity

The OneXafe Solo backup appliance is extremely easy to deploy and manage all within a few simple steps: plug it in, connect to the internet, and start protecting data in minutes. OneXafe Solo brings the same data protection technology that drives ShadowXafe in a compact backup appliance form factor.



OneXafe Solo for Next-Generation Edge Data Protection

Protect remote and branch offices, even if they have limited infrastructure.

Your remote and branch offices (ROBO) should be as easy to manage as your central location. You can deploy OneXafe Solo in places with virtual environments and little to no local storage. With its set-and-forget capability, OneXafe Solo enables efficient management of the data protection lifecycle without requiring dedicated IT staff or capital.

Ultimate Flexibility for Any Environment

OneXafe Solo provides ultimate flexibility with a range of deployment options independent of the IT environment. It can be deployed in environments with limited infrastructure, whether the limitations stem from lack of local storage or virtual environments, ensuring secure data protection for any environment. With its set-and-forget capability, OneXafe Solo enables efficient management of data protection without requiring dedicated resources, whether staffing or capital.

Innovative Cloud-based, SLA-based Policy Management

OneXafe Solo SLA-based policy administration makes it easy to manage data protection, reducing the overhead costs and complexity. OneXafe Solo uses StorageCraft OneSystem for cloud-based management from anywhere, anytime through any web browser. This eliminates the need for onsite dedicated servers and time-consuming software upgrades to manage data protection. Policy creation is intuitive with all the ingredients that make up the SLA― backup frequency, retention policy, target location, replication for cloud disaster recovery.

Scales as You Grow

OneXafe Solo allows you to accommodate additional data protection policies and manage at scale with just a few clicks. With the same set of tools, you can address multiple use cases, physical or virtual server protection, on-premise or direct to cloud backup, from one machine to 20 machines, all with always-on offsite disaster recovery (DR). In addition to cloud backup, OneXafe Solo provides the ability to back up to external storage, such as to another NAS device, making it easy to scale. It also supports replication to public storage (AWS, Azure, Wasabi) for off-site copies.

Cost-effective Enterprise-class Features

OneXafe Solo provides powerful, enterprise-class data protection at SMB pricing in a compact device form. Its data protection is both hostbased and agent-based, complete with physical and virtual system recovery. OneXafe Solo provides instant boot recovery, with patented VirtualBoot technology, for virtual machines within milliseconds, recreates entire sites in the cloud, and backs up systems efficiently. It delivers SLA-based protection, embedded analytics, best in industry RTO, and innovative recoverability tract technology.

Cloud-based DRaaS for Total Business Continuity

OneXafe Solo is fully integrated with StorageCraft Cloud Services (DRaaS) built on top of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide total business continuity with an orchestrated one-click failover in the cloud, easily recovering the entire infrastructure. This results in reduced downtime costs and improved productivity, while offering the highest service level agreements (SLAs).

Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Management Simplicity

Single pane of glass for ease of management

  • Intuitive SLA-based data protection workflow
  • Optimized for ease of use
  • Status notification emails

Plug-and-Play deployment & activation

  • One-click activation of device
  • Auto-provisioning of any non-network attached device, automatically added whether external or internal
Flexible Recovery Recover to dissimilar HW or virtual environments
  • Ensures that recovery is fast and quick (v2v, p2p, v2p & p2v)
  • Utilize resources on hand. No waiting for any specific resources
Instant Recovery Quickly recover files/folders and entire system in seconds
  • Recovery using VirtualBoot IO read-ahead technology, irrespective of the VM size
  • Direct recovery to primary store means no Virtual Storage Motion and no performance impact during recovery
Reliable Recovery & Data Integrity Dependable recovery
  • Supports Hyper-V, vSphere, and ESXi
  • No need for migration to primary storage after recovery as it’s automatic
  • Automated, advanced reverification of backup images along with inflight verification ensures dependable backup images
  • Integration with 3rd party clouds (AWS, Azure, Wasabi) for off-site copies
  • Retained metadata for improved recovery experience
  • Cold file access technology for file folder recovery
  • AES 256-bit encryption for data security (in-flight and at rest)
  • Simple, consistent recovery process, regardless of source of recovery point, local or cloud
  • Two-factor authentication
Integrated DRaaS Built on GCP Total business continuity
  • Orchestrated, one-click virtual failover
  • Self-service portal with no 3rd party intervention during recovery
  • Back up directly to StorageCraft Cloud Services
  • Seed/BMR drives and web download
  • Auto-discovery of C drive

OneXafe Solo 300 Technical Specifications:

Form Factor Mini
Weight 1.54 lb
Dimensions 4.53 x 4.53 x 1.93 in. (115.06 x 115.06 x 49.02 mm)
Drive Bays Slide-out 7 mm or 9.5 mm 2.5 in. drive bay HDD or SSD
Internal Storage up to 4TB (not included)
External Storage SMB, NFS, iSCSI, USB
Ports 1 x 1GbE Ethernet; 2 x USB 3.1


Download the StorageCraft OneXafe Solo Data Sheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

StorageCraft Products
StorageCraft OneXafe Solo
StorageCraft OneXafe Solo 300
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